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TCN Enhances Cloud-Based Contact Center Platform with Speech Analytics

TCN, Inc., a provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide, has announced its integration partnership with CallMiner, a provider of speech and customer engagement analytics.

Through the partnership, TCN will integrate its cloud-based contact center solution, Platform 3.0, with the CallMiner Eureka speech analytics platform. The integration will enable contact centers to improve call center and agent performance and optimize customer experience, while increasing efficiency and reducing compliance risk. 

Offered as TCN Speech Analytics powered by CallMiner, the new call analytics tool captures 100 percent of contact center conversations, uncovering deep actionable insights into the relationship between contact center agents’ actions and customer satisfaction. TCN Speech Analytics transforms each call into a fully searchable and taggable text transcript with direct links to relevant audio sources in near real time. The highly flexible search engine makes it easy to retrieve calls by searching for words, phrases, acoustic measures (such as silence) or call attributes (such as agent). With speech and customer engagement analytics, contact centers can better monitor, manage and communicate with their customers to improve overall operations.

TCN Speech Analytics is hosted on top of TCN’s cloud-based contact center suite, Platform 3.0, a multichannel communications platform. From inbound, outbound, and blended call flows, to SMS texting and voicemail drop technology, Platform 3.0 provides businesses with the power to engage with their customers.

To learn more about TCN Speech Analytics, visit http://info.tcnp3.com/tcn-speech-analytics

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