• July 25, 2012
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Synching business content

SpringCM has added a new product to its cloud-based content management lineup. SpringCM Business Sync allows managers to determine which files can and can’t be synched and decide what users can do once they are synced, including view, delete and edit.

Business Sync provides customized attributes that extend beyond folder or file to the actual type of document, such as: contracts, offer letters, marketing collateral, etc.; confidential vs. non-confidential information; and content before or after a specified date. Further, the company says, it allows organizations to use the attributes to control which content cannot be synced, as well as remotely delete all synced copies of specific documents and maintain version control.

Teams benefit from the guided conflict resolution feature, which is critical when two or more people are working on the same file. Not only will they receive an instant alert about any issues, they can be resolved directly from their desktops.

SpringCM adds that Business Synch enables marketing, sales, service and HR departments to automatically deliver the most current version of targeted content to specific groups. Also, by syncing new or updated files, users can kick off approval workflows and business processes, and alert teams through e-mail or SalesForce Chatter. They can further decide who has access to a specific document, create project spaces, assign tasks and update their ERP or CRM application.

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