• August 9, 2006
  • News

Stellent, securely

Stellent has acquired SealedMedia, a provider of enterprise digital rights management solutions, and Bitform, which offers content cleansing technologies. Stellent says integrating the new technologies will enable its customers to better secure and control content both inside and outside of the enterprise.

SealedMedia's software allows organizations to maintain complete control—for the full life of a document—over who can use sensitive information and when. Unique in the DRM space, SealedMedia extends security, control and tracking to information on remote user desktops, laptops and mobile wireless devices.

Bitform's Secure SDK identifies and cleanses or strips files of sensitive, confidential or proprietary metadata and hidden information that may pose risks to organizations if exposed, including tracked changes and comments, revision and author history, fast-save data, and database connection details, among many other elements.

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