• June 11, 2020
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Softwatch introduces productivity monitoring suite for remote work

Softwatch, a provider of Application Usage Analytics, is introducing the Remote Productivity Monitoring (RPM) solution, providing managers with visibility into their workers' productivity by analyzing the time spent on enterprise applications, measured on a daily basis.

While some companies use ‘tattleware' and others mandate always-on webcam rules and require multiple daily check-ins to track employee work hours, Softwatch RPM does not review everything an employee does throughout the day.

Instead, it collects and analyzes the time workers spend on a pre-selected collection of relevant enterprise applications so managers can monitor usage and obtain initial insights on potential rightsizing opportunities for such applications.

"There have been studies and reports since the pandemic started that remote workers are experiencing higher stress levels and exhaustion as they feel they are being very closely watched by their managers," said Dror Leshem, CEO, Softwatch. "We are looking to help organizations gather important data yet establish a culture of trust by focusing only on defined enterprise productivity applications determined by the employer."

RPM is a SaaS solution and works with offline, online and hybrid applications. The software comes pre-configured to monitor the most frequently used enterprise applications and can also be customized to meet the needs of an organization (for example Salesforce, home developed applications, SAP, etc.).

Pre-configured applications include:

  • Productivity suites (G Suite, MS Office, Microsoft 365)
  • Online conferencing
  • Cloud Storage

Softwatch's RPM solution provides the flexibility for management to change the initial applications' configuration, selecting or deselecting the applications that are most important.

For more information about RPM, visit www.softwatch.com.

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