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Softbuilder adds enhancements to ERBuilder for Salesforce

Softbuilder has announced the release of its Salesforce diagramming and metadata exploration tool, ERBuilder for Salesforce version 2.1.19. This new release provides enhanced capabilities for extracting and exploring metadata from a Salesforce organization.

Salesforce is an integrated platform that includes modules for sales, service, marketing, commerce, analytics, productivity—and Salesforce architects or administrators need to explore, visualize and understand their Salesforce data models.

ERBuilder for Salesforce was developed to be a solution for architects, administrators, developers, and Salesforce consultants to access, extract, explore, understand, and document Salesforce metadata. ERBuilder for Salesforce makes it easier for data architects to generate data dictionaries and integrate Salesforce metadata into data glossaries, data catalogs, etc. The tool also integrates a comparison feature allowing users to visualize the differences between the Salesforce metadata of two orgs.

In this new release, ERBuilder for Salesforce adds a new connection method to the product, making it easier than before to set up a connection between ERBuilder for Salesforce and a Salesforce org. According to the company, this simplified new method will enhance capabilities of extracting and exploring metadata from Salesforce.

ERBuilder for Salesforce 2.1.19 also introduces a new “update model” feature, designed to allow users to synchronize their data model with changes applied in the Salesforce org. The generated data model documentation has also been improved in this new release.

A free trial of ERBuilder for Salesforce is available at https://soft-builder.com/erbuilder-for-salesforce.

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