• March 7, 2013
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Socialtext deepens SharePoint integration

Socialtext has introduced enhanced SharePoint integration to provide customers easy access to Microsoft documents. Socialtext now gives users the ability to upload, view and edit Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word files within a browser window through its collaboration platform.

The new capabilities give customers access to a complete documents library that syncs with the Socialtext platform, allowing for storage of attachments inside SharePoint instead of Socialtext. Shared documents not only can be stored, says Socialtext, but also referenced and searched. In addition, bulk documents can be uploaded, dragged and dropped to the desired location along with PowerPoint, browser-enabled Excel and Word documents that are easy to upload and collaborate upon.

Socialtext explains that once a logged-in user uploads a file to a page, Socialtext keeps a record of the attachment but the actual file is stored inside SharePoint. Updates and changes to the file can be made in Socialtext, or a new version can be uploaded directly to SharePoint.

Socialtext highlights the following three integration points:

  • Web Parts conveniently surface the user content that’s stored on the collaboration platform,
  • SharePoint events can be integrated in the Socialtext activity stream for greater enterprisewide visibility, and
  • SharePoint serves as the document store behind the Socialtext interface.

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