• October 16, 2007
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Simply sophisticated search

Coveo Solutions has introduced a full-featured, sophisticated and configurably enterprise search solution. Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) 5.0 further distinguishes itself through a highly intuitive interface--for both users and administrators.

Coveo highlights the following features in CES 5.0:

Distributed indexing. The capabilities are said to enhance the overall user experience in environments such as Microsoft SharePoint, while reducing, by up to 40 percent, network load caused by indexing. Through the use of index "mirrors," data located in different geographic locations is automatically synchronized into a single, integrated set of index results, enabling an optimized balance in speed and relevancy, and a more scalable approach to information retrieval.

More free connectors. The free library of connectors expands the flexibility of CES by allowing businesses to index content from the most commonly used enterprise repositories including Salesforce.com, Microsoft Exchange, Documentum and Symantec Enterprise Vault. Also included is API connectivity to Google OneBox for Enterprise, allowing users to obtain federated query results from content in enterprise repositories and business applications, such as SAP, Cognos and Business Objects.

Real-time ranking. Query Ranking Expressions (QRE) allow administrators and users to easily customize the rank of search results, enabling specified data to have a greater or lessened emphasis within the results set.

Enhanced SharePoint functionality. Users see better results faster than ever. With improved search navigation, live indexing and quick views of search results from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 libraries, users can now get to the right information in record time.

Audio/video search in multiple languages. A media player for Microsoft Silverlight is included, as are audio/video search capabilities in U.K. English and French, enabling businesses to extend their searches to include a wide assortment of content from Web 2.0 applications, such as Webinars, podcasts and other audio/video content.

Secure interoperability. New security options, including early and late binding, enable search across the enterprise for quick and easy access to all relevant information within user security profiles.

Intuitive search interface. CES 5.0’s user interface includes pop-up "quick views," document thumbnails and the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds of search results. Users can customize and further refine their search queries by selecting sets of data to include or exclude from the search results, such as document formats, dates, languages, authors, etc.

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