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Simplifying technical documentation

XyEnterprise has released an update to its Contenta S1000D content management software that provides expanded support for the S1000D specification, which is used by authors, editors and publishers for the creation, management and delivery of technical documentation.

Contenta S1000D provides an integrated workflow that distinguishes between work-in-process and approved or published content. It can control access to data modules based on user roles and project status, as well as providing locking mechanisms to prevent inadvertent parallel editing. It further offers reports on due dates and status throughout the entire editorial and publishing process.

XyEnterprise reports its tools for creating and managing Standard Numbering Systems, Data Module Requirements Lists, Data Dispatch Notes and S1000D project management have been improved to provide an out-of-the-box S1000D environment suitable any stage in the adoption of S1000D.

The company highlights the following enhancements to Contenta S1000D:

  • role-based user interfaces,
  • enhanced cross-referencing support for all content types, and
  • AJAX support.

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