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Signavio launches real-time process intelligence to advance business decision making

Signavio, a provider of business transformation solutions, has introduced new enhancements to its Signavio Business Transformation Suite—Velocity Edition that provide enhanced business process speed and real-time intelligence.

According to Signavio, many companies have made progress in establishing process-oriented thinking, an ability to change at scale, and also made customer-first thinking part of their process improvement approach. Still, they are hampered by their ability to act on intelligence swiftly and actionably to guide business decisions toward maximum ROI, often operating with limited visibility, and trying to make process improvements in a timely manner amid disconnected systems and stakeholders.

With its improved process intelligence, the Signavio says, companies can quickly discover processes and potential area of improvement, directly translate solutions into operational change, and drive automation throughout the enterprise. The suite contains a variety of out-of-the-box connectors for dozens of enterprise applications, supporting a quick start into data-based process improvement.

Key new capabilities of the Business Transformation Suite—Velocity Edition include live Insights powered by process mining, and smooth integration between mining, modeling, and automation to enable organizations to improve all of their business processes faster. In addition, with one-click sharing and contextual commenting, everyone in the organization can share ideas and find relevant information faster. The suite can be used by up to hundreds of thousands of users, and process governance reports allow users to efficiently manage large-scale process initiatives and portfolios.

For more information, visit www.signavio.com.

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