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Shared Results offers Tech-Talk to libraries to patch technology deficits due to remote work

Shared Results International is offering libraries (including public libraries, school systems, academic institutions) free learning with Tech-Talk, allowing staff, patrons, students, and faculty to access information to solve IT problems remotely. 

"This pandemic has forced people to be more technology savvy," says Linda Keefe, CEO, Shared Results International. "People are working remotely and having to depend on themselves to solve their problems. They are stuck in homes with no colleague handy and no IT support to summon for help."

As a result, the Free Learning program through Tech-Talk is being extended through September 2020 so that people can continue to get the technology literacy they need.

Tech-Talk is a premier collection of articles and videos, written each week by top training experts for busy professionals and aspiring students. It helps people stay up-to-date in using technology and become better communicators in the workplace. 

It's available through an online database, weekly articles and videos, and live, interactive webinars. On the desktop or through the mobile app, the learning is recognized for its friendly and easy-to-understand content.

"People are relying so much on computers during this crisis that they are beginning to realize they have 'technology deficits'," says Rebecca Kluberdanz, continuing education specialist, Central New York Library Resources Council, Syracuse, NY. "Patrons call in with so many questions, that libraries are glad to have a resource like Tech-Talk to give to them."

For more information about this news, visit www.tech-talk.com.

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