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  • October 23, 2015
  • News

SharePoint Knowledge Portals from Earley Information Science and BA Insight

Earley Information Science (EIS) and BA Insight (BAI) have partnered to help information-driven organizations reimagine the enterprise intranet as a knowledge portal. The two companies are jointly offering the SharePoint Knowledge Portal, which, they say, provides an Internet-like experience to users, is connected to diverse data sources (on premise and in the cloud) and personalizes search results based on user profiles and business processes.

EIS and BAI define SharePoint Knowledge Portals in terms of five essential characteristics:

  • an integrated view of data sources including all relevant operational, historical, structured and unstructured data (including big data and IoT);
  • a contextual information architecture that organizes data, defines attributes and maps relationships to reflect the landscape of the business—its customers, products, people and processes;
  • a highly scalable platform for tagging, categorizing, finding and presenting data that has high volume, variety and velocity while maintaining enterprise standards of governance and security;
  • a personalized digital user experience that streamlines the refinement of search results and provides a simple, intuitive approach for finding answers to complex business questions; and
  • future-proofing the implementation and simplifying upgrades with a “no customization” approach that makes it easier to support the environment over time.

Earley Information Science builds information architectures that organize and contextualize internal, external, structured and unstructured data. BA Insight’s Software Portfolio provides a no customization approach with connectivity to enterprise systems, automated metatagging for content within and outside SharePoint, and applications to improve how users find and work with information.

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