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  • December 17, 2013
  • News

Secure collaboration in SharePoint and File Shares from HiSoftware

HiSoftware has launched a new version of Security Sheriff specifically designed for secure collaboration of sensitive information stored in File Shares and SharePoint. The company explains the new Secure Document Viewer included in Security Sheriff allows users to open an encrypted document in a protected state to ensure that a user with read-only permission cannot open and decrypt a document, then manually distribute it using print, save as and send to actions, or copy its contents. It will then remove the file from their system once the file is closed.

The release also contains new features to prevent users from e-mailing SharePoint document attachments by instead requiring that they send a link to the document’s location. In addition to ensuring only permissioned users can access the file, it also eliminates some of the problems caused by e-mailing SharePoint document attachments, including duplication and version control.

The release extends the native data security functions provided by the HiSoftware suite to documents sent to recipients outside of SharePoint by allowing users to generate secure certificated, read-only PDFs that can be sent as e-mail attachments. It not only restricts who can receive and view attachments using the certificate, but also provides controls to prevent recipients from performing actions such as print, send to and copy functions to protect against sensitive data misuse and leakage.

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