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Salesforce announces new Digital 360 innovations and partnerships at Connections 2021

Salesforce has announced new innovations across Digital 360, helping companies go digital faster and deliver the next generation of marketing, commerce and digital experiences. Salesforce debuted the new technologies during the Connections 2021 opening keynote.

According to Salesforce, as consumers continue to push the limits of what it means to be digital first—from buying cars and groceries online to applying for mortgages on their phones—businesses’ marketing budget is following suit, with online sales reaching over $4 trillion and digital expected to hit half of all global ad spend this year. Salesforce is helping companies stay ahead of these shifts, powering an average of more than 100 billion Einstein predictions, sending 682 billion emails and delivering three million commerce transactions on average each day in 2020. 

To get more from digital, companies need to create connected experiences and have a complete understanding of their customers’ preferences, passions and needs. New technologies from Salesforce combine data and digital to make this possible—bringing together marketing, commerce, sales and service, so companies can put customers at the center of their digital strategy.

Marketing Cloud: The next generation of marketing
With the next generation of Marketing Cloud, marketers can get to know their customers through a single source of truth to engage with relevancy, humanize every moment at scale with AI-powered personalization to inspire action and loyalty, and optimize overall marketing impact with unified analytics.

  • Salesforce CDP: With two technologies, Salesforce CDP will help companies deliver a more dynamic experience at any moment:
    • Interaction Studio analyzes cross-channel brand interactions and applies Einsteinto instantly determine and send a message, product offer or content recommendation.
    • Loyalty Managementgives companies real-time audience segments of their best customers, including membership status, loyalty tier and points balance to nurture relationships and create lasting loyalty.
  • Google and Salesforce: Customers today increasingly interact with brands digitally and have rising expectations for their online privacy. The strategic partnershipbetween Google and Salesforce helps marketers better understand their customers, in a way that respects privacy and maintains trust, by using first-party data to achieve smarter measurement and activation, including Customer Match, across marketing and advertising. The companies will continue to invest in solutions that make it easier to use customer insights from Salesforce products, including the Salesforce CDP, for activation across advertising on Google.
  • Snapchat Audience Match: Marketers can now use their first-party data stored in Salesforce to create targeted, personalized advertising audiences for Snapchat. Companies can use what they already know about their customers to engage customers with tailored, 1-to-1 content on the platform, and grow customer lists by identifying new targets with similar characteristics to existing customers using lookalikes.
  • WhatsApp Integration:Companies can use Marketing Cloud’s WhatsApp Business Solution to increase customer engagement with keyword detection, transactional messages and more. Now, companies can communicate with customers on WhatsApp directly, easily setting up an account, channels and message templates.

Commerce Cloud: The next generation of customer-centric commerce
New technologies will help companies identify business trends, personalize customer experiences, and simply connect the end-to-end commerce journey, from the online storefront to order management and beyond.

  • Salesforce CDP for Commerce: With Commerce Cloud data integrated into Salesforce CDP out-of-the-box, companies get a complete view of first-party customer data across every touchpoint, providing a true single source of truth and the ability to use commerce data in cross-channel marketing.
  • B2B2C Commerce: With the new B2B2C Commerce app, B2B companies can quickly launch a connected, direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce storefront with clicks, not code.
  • Salesforce Order Management: Salesforce Order Management powers companies beyond the buy button—through fulfillment, delivery and loyalty. With the new Order Management for B2B, business buyers get more transparency and control over their orders with self-service fulfillment tracking, cancellations, order modifications and more.
  • Headless PWA Kit and Managed Runtime:With the new Progressive Web Application (PWA) Kit and Managed Runtime, developer teams can quickly and cost-efficiently decouple front-end and back-end technologies to create highly customized consumer-facing experiences—also known as headless commerce.

For more information on these and additional Salesforce announcements, go to www.salesforce.com/solutions/digital-360/overview.

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