SOA data visualization

Composite Software has unveiled the Composite Information Server (CIS) and introduced a compatible Composite Active Cluster option that enables enterprises to further scale their data services deployments. CIS 4.5 and Active Cluster are said to extend the capabilities of creating, publishing and consuming data services for SOA and data virtualization, allowing users in data-intensive industries easier and faster access to a wider breadth of data.

CIS 4.5 also introduces improved security management capabilities that simplify the management and control of large groups of enterprise users and expands data connectivity with support of Teradata and select mainframe data sources including VSAM, ISAM, IMS and Adabas. Additional product enhancements include a foreign key relationship analyzer that helps the query optimization engine improve execution of complex, interdependent queries. With the newest release, there is also enhanced XML data type support, HTTP connectivity pooling and user/group export and import.

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