SMA Technologies updates workload automation platform

SMA Technologies, a workload automation provider, is releasing OpCon 19.0, the latest version of its workload automation platform.   

The release of OpCon 19.0 workload automation platform, available now, builds on the success of its predecessors with several key enhancements that are designed to make it simpler and more efficient to navigate OpCon.

With the release of OpCon 19.0 the company is moving into a new territory, said Joel Faul, chief technology officer, SMA Technologies.

The updates revamp the UI for an enhanced user experience, as well as introducing new innovations and options that were driven both by customer feedback and the company’s mission to be the leader in automation solutions, Faul said.

New features included in the release of OpCon 19.0 include:

  • Solution Manager Enhancements: OpCon 19.0 offers more robust operational capabilities that streamline automation administration. OpCon environments are easier to manage with date-level actions that can cancel or hold an entire day’s worth of jobs at a time. The Solution Manager also provides critical metrics on all scheduled jobs. Finally, the daily history view shows an overview of each day’s run for easier troubleshooting and trend identification.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL on Linux: OpCon 19.0 brings support for Microsoft SQL on Linux (RHEL 7.4). This is part of a larger move to support Linux across the board, further expanding the reach and impact of OpCon.
  • OpCon API: All the features and capabilities from the Solution Manager were added to the OpCon API. Additionally, the OpCon API can manage daily resource, threshold, and expressions dependencies.
  • Updates to Change Management Module: The 19.0 release improves on the change management module, Deploy, which debuted in version 18.3. OpCon Deploy features cross-release support, allowing schedule deployment across all supported releases which includes OpCon 18.3 and 19.0. New for 19.0 are changes to packages: batch deployments can be canceled in the Deploy interface, and unchanged schedules will not update, reducing overhead sum and keeping version history simple. Plus, checking schedules into Deploy removes them from their source environment for better version control.
  • New Color Pallet: Finally, to better align to the SMA Technologies brand, we’ve added a new color pallet, as well as new font styles.

For more information about this release, visit www.smatechnologies.com.

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