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SDL Strengthens Document Translation Process for Enterprises

SDL is making enhancements to two of its translation management system applications, SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS, improving productivity and enterprise translation programs.

“We build products that enable enterprises of all sizes to manage their own translation process,” said Dick Csaplar, director of product marketing of language solutions at SDL. “Our technology is built around giving the power to the enterprise to allow them to manage their translation process and to gain the advantages of reduced costs, increased speed, and better quality.”

With a translation management system, users set up predefined workflows that allow content to flow to specific translators, pulling up contracts with appropriate pricing.

“It also contains what’s called a ‘translation memory,’ which is a database of all previously translated content,” Csaplar said. “The first thing the system does is look into the memory to see if content has been translated before and then pulls that translation out and allows that to be used for free.”

The latest upgrades of SDL WorldServer and SDL TMS include a new user experience  that promotes increased productivity, ease of use with new common SDL user interfaces, and improved integration across SDL products and third-party systems with new REST-based APIs.

Project managers, administrators, and localization experts will benefit the most from these upgrades, according to Csaplar.

“It’s a major release for us,” Csaplar said. “People generally don’t understand the role translation plays. You think of any corporation now, they do business globally, and for most people translation is an afterthought, but really it’s a very important part of the document and marketing process. When you start getting into it, it’s an entire art and science that people don’t really understand.”

For more information about WorldServer and TMS, visit www.sdl.com.  

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