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  • January 12, 2011
  • News

Real-time BI

Symtrax has unveiled StarQuery 3.3, which adds multidimensional navigation for users to launch a thorough analysis of real-time data in Excel or Open Office Calc. Symtrax describes StarQuery as a reporting solution that extracts data from any system directly into Excel with just a few clicks. The interface allows an intuitive visualization of data and is designed for organizations seeking a quick and efficient tool to improve productivity.

With the release of Version 3.3, StarQuery now handles Unicode databases, making it adaptable to international companies working with non-alphabetic databases. In practice, Unicode support allows you to read a wide variety of data that includes special characters.

StarQuery 3.3 increases the speed and efficiency of decision-making, whether for management control, sales analysis, inventory management, dashboards, etc. It has been developed using C# for Microsoft .NET. StarQuery Suite requires no data warehousing or modifications to your existing infrastructure, and the installation can be completed in just few minutes. It has been optimized for short response times while delivering the power of dynamic analysis and multidimensional data views.

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