Raising the bar on relational navigation

Siderean has released Seamark Navigator 4.5, which enables dynamic identification of relationships between sets of information, creates the context to drive action and increases user participation in the information flow. The company emphasizes the new version achieves new standards of usability, scalability, security and management capabilities.

The offering takes full advantage of semantic technology to enable users to harness content from across the enterprise and on the Web, greatly facilitating information access and discovery. Further, says Siderean, it enables more user participation than before, providing new tagging, voting, ranking and reviewing capabilities. It also helps knowledge workers to efficiently collaborate via commenting features and the ability to save and share searches.

Different from traditional search solutions, Siderean’s Seamark Navigator 4.5 information access platform enables users to identify and understand previously unseen relationships between information from disparate data sources, says the company. These dynamic relationships create the context to drive action, enabling users to go beyond the limitations of traditional search and navigation solutions by delivering the ability to pivot across query results instead of simply drilling down through search results.

Seamark Navigator 4.5 is built on open standards, allowing users to quickly and easily implement the software to build navigation applications and to create and manage their taxonomies.

Improvements to Seamark Navigator include:

  • server clusters, which permit high scalability through improved cache support and sub-second response times over a utility computing grid;
  • application-enabling building blocks, which perform business logic and interaction with the data store;
  • asynchronous, independent text indexing and incremental node inclusion for increased scalability;
  • external authentication support, granular permissions and role-based access control for enhanced security; and
  • enhanced management functionality including analytics, feed/source management and cluster management capabilities.

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