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Quark Enterprise Solutions Partners with Semantic Web Company

In a new partnership, Quark is integrating its content automation platform with Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty middleware solution.

PoolParty helps organizations manage corporate knowledge models, extract knowledge from big datasets, and integrate structured and unstructured content.

Quark’s content automation platform and PoolParty integrate through a lightweight API, which enables global businesses to enrich their content semantically. The integration blends narrative content with data to improve searchability and delivery.

PoolParty provides tools for different roles as subject matter experts, including information architects, knowledge engineers, and developers, said Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company and product architect of PoolParty Semantic Suite, noting that it is cross-functional teams that make dynamic content management happen.

The integration of the two companies’ solutions will facilitate initiatives around content reuse and discoverability, semantic search, machine learning, and enterprise data integration, added Dave White, Quark CTO.

According to the vendors, delivering content to the right consumers at the right time requires discipline and consistency around terms and labeling. The PoolParty metadata and analytics functionality complements the usability of Quark’s platform for content creation and management. With PoolParty, Quark’s clients can leverage advanced metadata features to further inform the delivery of information based on consumers’ specific requirements.

For more information, go to www.quark.com and https://semantic-web.com.  

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