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Quantexa rolls out initiatives to help enterprises and government agencies get data ready for AI

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Quantexa, a global provider of decision intelligence solutions for the public and private sectors, unveiled its Decision Intelligence Platform roadmap, and offered an update on Q Assist, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that previewed in July last year. 

Quantexa is also partnering with Microsoft, announcing that  Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform is now on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Quantexa’s ambitious plan to lead the emerging decision intelligence category is anchored in helping enterprises and government agencies use contextual analytics and AI to improve organization-wide decision making, according to the company.

Quantexa is putting an emphasis on practical, real-world applicability today, with an eye on helping customers plan for future technology deployments.

“When it comes to Quantexa’s technology roadmap, we are guided by our client’s needs and leadership ambition in decision intelligence. This requires us to help our customers break down organizational silos to create a trusted data foundation, automate and augment decision making, and support continuous evaluation and improvement throughout decision processes,” said Dan Higgins, Quantexa’s chief product officer. “With the introduction of new capabilities and solutions, we remain steadfastly focused on delivering groundbreaking innovation that helps organizations protect, optimize, and grow.” 

Quantexa’s four key roadmap pillars include:

  • Powering human/AI decisioning: Quantexa continues to pioneer solutions and tools to enable the use of multiple data sources and AI to automate business decision logic across various applications. Quantexa is updating its platform with enhanced workflow capabilities including new customizable scoring, alerting, and decisioning models. Quantexa debuted the platform’s new case management capabilities and an early adoption update to Q Assist, which is being deployed by customers in banking, telecommunications, and government agencies, in pilot programs to tackle financial crime, fraud, and risk, and to identify new revenue opportunities with customer intelligence.  
  • Operationalizing data at scale with AI and contextual analytics: Quantexa’s ability to help customers build a trusted data foundation and gain single customer views remains a top driver of platform adoption. To meet increasing demand and unique industry complexities, Quantexa showcased advancements in data management, contextual analytics, and AI capabilities. Quantexa previewed the ability to move beyond news intelligence to support the ingestion and analysis of any unstructured data source via entity resolution and give the ability to customers to enable large scale graph analysis and graph machine learning by combining large language models (LLMs) and knowledge graphs. 
  • Accelerating time-to-value through simplified deployments and packaged solutions: Quantexa announced new options to make it easier for customers and partners to get up and running with new deployment methods including the introduction of out-of-the box configurations, as well as low-code and no-code tools. This year, Quantexa is also investing in accelerating the enablement of its growing ecosystem of partners, which includes PWC, EY, Dun & Bradstreet, KPMG, and Moody’s, who were presenting partners at QuanCon24. 
  • Seamlessly integrating with customers’ existing technology stacks and processes: Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform has an open and extensible architecture with scalable APIs and streamlined integrations with downstream applications and systems. Future efforts will focus on building a standardized framework and out-of-the-box connectors. 

Highlights of the company’s partnership with Microsoft include:

  • The immediate availability of Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform on Azure Marketplace: Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform is now available globally on Azure Marketplace for customers across financial services, the public sector, insurance, telecommunications, media and technology industries.  
  • AI innovation aids mid-size banks in meeting regulatory and market pressures: 
    Additionally, Quantexa detailed plans to build a new Azure native SaaS solution allowing customers to deploy an end-to-end anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring, investigations, and case management solution designed to take best-in-class capabilities used by the world’s largest banks into a tailored offering to meet the needs of financial services institutions that hold up to $200B in assets. The solution will provide critical capabilities for monitoring, detecting, and investigating financial crime and risk to banks throughout the United States. The planned offering will help customers implement next generation technology, allowing them to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation and meet increasing compliance regulations. Quantexa is working with Microsoft to make an initial set of capabilities available by the end of 2024.  

For more information about this news, visit  www.quantexa.com.

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