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Pureinsights and Fuse show how to combine a knowledge platform with AI-powered search at KMWorld Connect 2021

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What happens when you combine a learning and knowledge platform with intelligent AI-powered search? The answer to that question was explained by Phil Lewis, co-founder and CTO, Pureinsights, and Steve Dineen, founder and president, Fuse, during a session presented at KMWorld Connect session.

Launched in 2020 by search technology veterans, Pureinsights can combine search consulting, technologies (its own and from other vendors), and a managed services model to deliver on what today’s users expect which is to “work like Google.” 

Fuse is a learning and knowledge platform that gets the tacit knowledge of an organization’s experts into the flow of users’ work. Fuse has partnered with Pureinsights to embed AI-powered search into its platform, enabling a faster, more accurate route to knowledge by understanding user intent.

What’s necessary is a combination of NLP, machine learning, knowledge graph, and vector-based search technologies.

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Over and over, Lewis said, Pureinsights hears from customers that they want search to work like Google—but they also want it to integrate with their own business knowledge systems, know their business terminology, and secure the results as the business requires.

With Fuse, the Pureinsights implementation was a direct search engine replacement with embedded AI capabilities into its learning and knowledge platform, said Lewis.

According to Dineen, digital disruption among its customer base magnifies the challenges presented due to the fast rate of change. Everything is connected, and any component change has a ripple effect which users have to learn about, accommodate, and adjust to.

Learning and training with courses and classes for users is helpful but the impact degrades over time, said Dineen. More beneficial is a habit of continuous learning experiences with knowledge discovered in bite-site pieces as required rather than formal “brain stuffing” techniques, he explained. This approach helps to sustain improved efficiency and performance. Through the marriage of Fuse and Pureinsights, said Dineen, “we have cracked the tacit knowledge base,” taking the know-how of experts and making that available to everyone else.

Dineen explained that Fuse had a significant launch yesterday with three key aspects of the technology added to the platform.

One was what it calls the localization of knowledge. “So, in essence, how do we index and understand all the content that's on the platform and connected to the platform?” The second part was the front end to understand a user’s search, the natural language case. And the third piece is going further than Google because, said Dineen, Fuse actually understands more than Google about the individual, so it can use that, plus its understanding of all the content, to predict what users need.

The bottom line, said Dineen, is that companies that are Fuse's customers will still provide formal training to people, but they will spend much less time and money doing so. Clients are moving up to 90% of what they would put in formal training and putting it into the workflow piece, and, then, in terms of education, they are decreasing it significantly in terms of time and cost.

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