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ProjectReady now integrates with Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs

ProjectReady, a provider of collaborative project information management software for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, is expanding integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud. Now, customers can integrate ProjectReady with Autodesk Build or Autodesk Docs.

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network, and predictive insights for construction teams.

The ProjectReady platform works as an integrated data environment (IDE) to improve collaboration through the integration of systems and common data environments (CDEs) used by AEC industry professionals and project owners.

This new integration gives users greater control over their project information, eliminates duplicate data entry across systems, and significantly reduces the amount of time team members spend searching for and recreating information, according to the vendor.

With ProjectReady’s extended integration with Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs, users can now:

  • Automatically synchronize content across all connected systems to provide project team members with an authoritative single source of truth.
  • Route RFIs, Issues, transmittals, and change orders for approval through connected systems with ProjectReady’s DCNext, for improved team communication and collaboration.
  • Register email and attachments directly to connected systems, ensuring all relevant information is associated with the project and accessible by the entire team.
  • Use ProjectReady’s Connect And Attach solution to find and send project information faster than the traditional email attachment process.

“Bringing together myriad systems used on AEC projects is only a part of what a truly modern project information management solution needs to accomplish. The other, arguably more important component, is making sure the solution actively addresses the major challenges the industry faces today,” said Joe Giegerich, founder and CEO of ProjectReady. “Bringing Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs into the mix of systems ProjectReady connects is another way we’re working to bring the built world together in a way that makes sense, while empowering entire project teams to work together better and making projects more productive and profitable.”

As a cloud-based collaborative project information management solution, ProjectReady provides AEC professionals and project owners with an IDE from which they can deploy automated project setup, security, and governance; flexible project management, enhanced document control and connected workflows; and a dynamic interface and responsive dashboard to address bottlenecks, manage information, and improve productivity.

“When construction teams lack integrated data and documentation environments, communication and collaboration quickly fall apart,” said James Cook, director, partner integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “As the industry adopts new tools to help teams process and manage their data, it’s important to ensure these tools can work together and communicate successfully and consistently. ProjectReady’s new integration is yet another way for our customers to effectively share and manage the information they capture and create in Autodesk Construction Cloud, providing project owners with increased visibility, breaking down silos, and improving collaboration across teams.”

In addition to Autodesk Build and Autodesk Docs, ProjectReady integrates with other Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions, including BIM 360 and PlanGrid.

For more information about this news, visit www.project-ready.com.

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