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Preservica and Enwoven Partner to Unlock the Power of Company and Brand Stories

Preservica, a provider of active digital preservation software, and Enwoven, a provider of solutions to help industries capture their stories and share knowledge, have announced a partnership to enable companies to create immersive employee narratives.

The platform combines photos, documents, audio and video, that draw on authentic assets from the corporate archive, with contextual input from employees, teams, and leaders. This brings once fragmented knowledge to life in a vibrant, engaging narrative while at the same time ensuring the longevity and integrity of those valuable digital assets now and into the future.

Using the unified platform, corporate archive, marketing and HR teams can assemble and create interactive stories designed to strengthen a brand, inspire new thinking, and celebrate internal culture or milestone events. Preservica’s active digital preservation technology allows brand, product, and heritage assets to be collected into a single environment, making them easier to search, find, assemble, and render for storytelling initiatives using Enwoven. The technology also migrates files to newer formats to ensure assets can be used and re-used over decades for ongoing engagement.

According to the companies, in a fragmented media world, organizations are increasingly using their brand heritage to create stories and campaigns that maintain and expand brand loyalty and market share. Although, with hundreds of file formats, stored in multiple locations the additional tasks of finding usable files to support these efforts has added another challenge to the modern marketing and archive team. The Preservica and Enwoven partnership is aimed at helping to open new possibilities where files can be stored and preserved in a usable format and easily found and assembled to create engaging employee and customer narratives.

For more information, go to www.preservica.com and www.enwoven.com.

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