• August 7, 2002
  • News

Positive ID

Convera has introduced Visual RetrievalWare 5.0, the latest version of its search and retrieval software development kit for digital images and video.

With reported new platform support, new APIs, support for additional file formats and upgraded system performance, Convera says RetrievalWare enables commercial and government software developers to more effectively use their image and video content in applications such as positive identification, digital library, crime investigation, document imaging and electronic shopping.

The company claims Visual RetrievalWare provides developers with a rich image and video development environment that enables the creation of applications that help users find what they are looking for based on image and video content rather than just words. Further, says Convera, its open architecture allows domain experts to provide their own image and video "feature extraction" algorithms while providing a search and indexing infrastructure tailored for visual data.

Convera adds that a number of feature extractors are provided as part the kit, including color, shape and texture indexing for images, as well as its Video Analysis Engine.

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