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Pipedrive enters the document management space

Pipedrive, provider of a sales-first CRM and intelligent revenue management platform, has announced the general availability of Smart Docs add-on. Helping customers streamline and automate how their teams create, send, manage, and sign sales-related documents and contracts, Pipedrive’s Smart Docs centralizes the entire documentation process.

“With the massive shift to digital, customer relationships have changed tremendously over time. Not only has technology impacted the way businesses manage sales processes, it has also changed customers’ expectations for closing deals. Smart Docs has proved to be a useful asset for sales professionals throughout the entire sales cycle, especially when working remotely. The possibility to communicate with prospects, send proposals, and sign deals with an electronic signature easily and intuitively without leaving Pipedrive is convenient for both sales professionals as well as the rest of the company. As it gives access to documents to managers and sales reps, the functionality also reduces the cost of document-specific software,” said Shaun Shirazian, CPO, Pipedrive.

First introduced as a beta feature at the end of 2020, Smart Docs has proved to be one of the fastest growing feature sets of Pipedrive.

Smart Docs add-on includes a number of features for managing the entire document creation process, including the ability to:

  • Auto-fill documents with Pipedrive data, speeding up document creation and avoiding errors caused by copying and pasting customer info.
  • Share documents and templates with the team, providing easy, immediate access to important company documents
  • Track documents in real time and do follow ups at the right time to lock in sales
  • Sign documents electronically without printing files or downloading plugins

The new release also provides PDF format support, enabling users to manage documents without the need for a specific provider and generate PDF documents with any tool that provides PDF functionality, as well as Google Sheets and Google Slides support.

For more information about Smart Docs, visit www.pipedrive.com/en/features/smart-docs.

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