Personalizing Sitecore search

Coveo reports it has significantly upgraded its search and relevance solution Coveo for Sitecore, which enables organizations to build contextual search and discovery experiences on websites powered by the Sitecore Experience Platform. Coveo for Sitecore now delivers complete integration with the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB), allowing marketers to personalize the search results, page content and product offerings displayed to site visitors.

Coveo reports feature enhancements in the latest release of its Sitecore solution include:

xDB integration—Coveo for Sitecore makes it possible for marketers to easily tailor personalized search experiences and content pages for each unique website visitor. Through the insights provided by Sitecore xDB about each site visitor—including select demographic information, prior activity on the site and past exposures to e-mail and other marketing initiatives—marketers can use Coveo for Sitecore to offer each site visitor the products and content most relevant to them at that precise moment in their customer journey.

Actionable usage analytics and reporting—Coveo for Sitecore provides marketers with full line of sight into key search performance metrics including trending searches, search keyword frequency and search conversion rates. The company says this approach allows marketers to quickly tune the site’s content, product offers and personalized search profiles in response to changing visitor preferences, competitive activity or identified gaps in content. All search usage analytics are channeled back and stored directly within the Sitecore xDB, enriching the platform’s visitor profiles to make future site experiences more personalized.

Improved mobile support and design architecture—Coveo for Sitecore fully supports Responsive Design and provides a number of easy-to-configure templates to deploy dynamic search for visitors using iOS and Android devices.

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