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  • August 5, 2009
  • News

Persona-based BPM

Global 360 has launched Process360 10.0, a significant upgrade to its business process management (BPM) suite designed to help organizations improve people- and paper-intensive business processes. Process360 10.0 is built on Global 360's Persona-based BPM approach and is said to deliver out-of-the-box applications that address the unique needs of all people in a process. The applications speed the development, deployment and adoption of process management systems, which leads to faster time to market and ROI.

Global 360 explains its new version of Process360 delivers Persona-based BPM through viewPoint applications, which were developed after two years of customer research conducted by user- and interaction-design experts. Global 360's Persona-based approach starts with detailed models of what each type of user in a process needs to accomplish.

Each type of user is then provided with unique "views" that include just what they need to get their jobs done. The views consist of information, tasks and tools delivered through engaging and intuitive consumer-style interfaces and support established patterns of behavior, goals and motives. Users are free to personalize their views based on their individual preferences. In this way, viewPoint applications boost the efficiency of existing behaviors and empower process participants to adopt new ones.

ViewPoint applications are ready to deploy out of the box, meaning that BPM systems designers can quickly and easily deliver them for new users or applications with minimal configuring and no custom coding, further speeding the development and deployment of new BPM projects, says Global 360.

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