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Perceptive Software launches Document Filters 11

Perceptive Software has released Document Filters 11, the latest version of company’s search technology that software companies and service providers can embed into their own solutions. Perceptive says Document Filters 11 features high definition document conversion and rendering capabilities that enable software developers to preserve all the original data, formatting and pagination of an unstructured document and export it for viewing, archival, analysis, manipulation, sharing or other purposes in their applications.

According to Perceptive, V. 11 supports the advanced export and output needs of software applications, converting unstructured information into images, multipage TIFFs, searchable PDFs, paginated HTML, structured XML, XHTML, text and proprietary formats. Further, the company say, Document Filters 11 enables software developers to add unique document redaction, markup and drawing features to their software with precise output control.

Document Filters 11 can identify, index and search every document, e-mail, legacy, archive and container format required. Additionally, it analyzes all text and metadata in a file with deep-inspection capabilities that uncovers hidden information such as tracked changes, comments, notes, annotations and embedded Web links.

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