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Pega unveils new generative AI assistant

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Pegasystems Inc., a leading enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation platform provider, is launching Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy, an enterprise-grade, generative AI-powered assistant that will quickly and easily enable customers and employees to get specific answers from scattered content across enterprise knowledge bases.

According to the company, Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy uniquely combines an innovative AI architecture with security features so organizations can transform how users access knowledge while adhering to high standards of trust and responsibility.

Information is stored within lengthy, dense documents that are fragmented across dozens of disconnected systems, leaving employees to repeatedly search to piece together the information they need to do their jobs. This also impacts customers who can’t quickly get answers using self-service channels, leading to collective frustration for all users.

Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy will offer enterprises an alternative. With Knowledge Buddy, customers and employees can ask questions through simple, conversational interfaces, and get specific, accurate, audited, and concise responses—with transparent attribution to source content.

Knowledge Buddy will automatically search, analyze, and synthesize existing document libraries to quickly generate answers. Users can also ask Knowledge Buddy to generate new content, such as emails or documents, based on their existing libraries.

 Additionally, security features give organizations control over user access rights as well as transparency to understand how and from where the technology pulls information. Content authors will be able to easily add, update, or delete knowledge, with all actions managed and audited by Pega’s industry-leading workflow automation.

Organizations will be able to easily configure unique Buddies for different use cases – such as answering marketing, operations, sales, or service questions – and quickly integrate them into any internal system or digital channel.

The results: more productive employees, more satisfied customers, and more effective overall operations, according to the company.

Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy will help organizations securely unlock the full power of their knowledge bases with features that enable them to:

  • Quickly and securely configure and test AI-powered assistants
  • Use controls to ensure quality content and user access
  • Leverage generative AI-powered Q&A for better accuracy and transparency
  • Ensure better auditability with more transparent processes
  • Connect AI-powered assistants into service and operations apps
  • Plug AI-powered assistants into customer-facing websites

Pega Knowledge Buddy also connects to knowledge libraries within Pega Knowledge Management, which allows organizations to build, manage, and optimize content by assisting content authors and managers during the curation process.

Pega Knowledge Management enables content versioning and lifecycle management, content templates, AI-generated content tagging, generative AI content generation suggestions, user feedback, usage reporting, and more.

Pega Knowledge Buddy is the latest generative AI-powered capability in the Pega Infinity portfolio of products, building on over 20-plis new capabilities in Pega GenAI. It will be available on Pega Cloud in the Pega Infinity ’24.1 release in H1 2024.

For more information about this release, visit www.pega.com.

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