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Pega reveals Pega GenAI Blueprint to automate workflow app designs

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Pegasystems Inc., a leading enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation platform provider, is launching Pega GenAI Blueprint—a collaborative application that combines the power of generative AI with Pega’s best practices to boost the app design process.

“Deploying a workflow app involves much more than just generating code—it starts with an optimized design grounded in best practices and configured for the unique needs of an enterprise. Done poorly, these initial steps could lead to missed deadlines, cost overruns, and mismatched expectations later on,” said Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer, Pega. “By eliminating the common obstacles that have long plagued app design, Pega GenAI Blueprint expedites the journey to an optimal design and ensures everyone is on the same page. Now the once daunting app design process becomes less intimidating, which can fuel even greater ambition to dream up additional groundbreaking apps that will propel organizations to new heights.”

Available now for early adopters, Pega GenAI Blueprint empowers business leaders to transform app ideas into interactive “application blueprints” that are easily understood and collaborated on by all stakeholders.

According to the company, it quickly and easily creates blueprints by leveraging generative AI and Pega’s industry expertise gained from working with leading global organizations for decades.

The resulting blueprints can be deployed to Pega’s automation platform to create a running enterprise-grade application. By intuitively guiding them through the process, Pega GenAI Blueprint helps broaden access to app design, enabling clients and partners to more quickly learn how to design optimized applications and bring them online.

Pega GenAI Blueprint enables teams to accelerate the journey from idea to implementation.

The Pega GenAI engine leverages Pega’s decades of industry knowledge to design optimized application blueprints, which incorporates best practice workflow processes, data models, and integrations.

Once the design is finalized, the blueprint seamlessly feeds into the Pega Platform, transforming it into an enterprise-grade, cloud-architected workflow application that is optimized for their business. 

An initial version of Pega GenAI Blueprint is today for early adopters, allowing users to create workflows and share with colleagues.

By the end of Q2, the tool will be generally available and enhanced with additional capabilities such as inviting collaborators, importing blueprints into Pega Platform, and deploying applications, according to the company.

For more information about this news, visit www.pega.com.

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