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Panzura Unveils Platform with Greater Visibility and Control of Data

Panzura, a provider of multi-cloud file services and data management, is launching Vizion.ai SaaS platform for multi-cloud data management.

“In the marketplace we have this huge explosive growth of unstructured data so our focus is: how do we help customers and enterprises manage that growth?” said Patrick Harr, CEO of Panzura.

Vizion.ai delivers a single, unified vision of data across the enterprise and provides search, analysis, recovery, and control of multi-cloud data for greater productivity, operational intelligence, improved security, and reduced storage costs.

The new Vizion.ai SaaS platform provides complete visibility and control over an organization’s data, enabling enterprises to virtually consolidate all of their metadata into a single, unified view for comprehensive indexing, search, analysis, and control of unstructured data.

Search and analytics functions are powered by Vizion.ai’s hyper-scale, multi-cloud data engine, helping companies uncover and act on hidden insights across datasets.

The SaaS platform natively integrates Elasticsearch and also provides machine learning for predictive analytics to help lower costs based on data access patterns and performance/cost analysis of cloud storage locations.

Finally, Vizions.ai’s open API lets third party developers take advantage of Vizion.ai’s powerful multi-cloud-data engine to build new applications.

Several users will benefit the most from this including IT operations, end users, and developers, according to Harr.

As the company looks toward the future, Panzura will continue to offer more multi-cloud data applications, invest in machine learning, improve security, and support IoT, Harr said.

“We’re very excited about this and I really think it does solve a very significant problem that enterprises are dealing with,” Harr said. “I do believe this will be pretty revolutionary for enterprises that want to gain full insight of their data across clouds.”

For more information about this new platform, visit www.panzura.com.

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