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Panasonic Teams with Square 9 Softworks

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, which provides document management and imaging products, has formed a new strategic business relationship with Square 9 Softworks.

The new alignment with Square 9 Softworks will enable businesses of virtually all sizes to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of adding scanned documents to their Windows Filing System by pairing their Panasonic scanners with Square 9’s GlobalCapture Convey, GlobalCapture Convey Plus, and GlobalCapture Production Server solutions, according to Panasonic’s Product Manager Joe Odore. With their ability to create and open Windows folders on the fly, Square 9’s GlobalCapture products benefit enterprise-level corporations with fully developed in-house electronic content management systems as well as entrepreneurial startups with no electronic content management platform at all, Odore added.  

In addition to their ability to automatically release documents to the Windows file system while creating folder structures on the fly for systems without dedicated electronic content management programs, all three GlobalCapture solutions populated by Panasonic scanners can be used to feed any ECM platform, including Square 9’s GlobalSearch local network and cloud products.

Giving resellers and end users a seamless connection between Panasonic’s scanned images and Square 9’s document technologies, Square 9 and Panasonic have built a  synergy between hardware and software solutions to expand document capture capabilities, noted Ethan Voltolini, marketing director at Square 9 Softworks.

Go here for more information on Panasonic scanners for healthcare and other vertical industries. 

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