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  • June 23, 2020
  • News

Oracle unveils Clinical One Data Collection Cloud Service

Oracle Health Sciences has introduced Clinical One Data Collection Cloud Service, which offers the ability to capture data from any source into a single, unified platform to improve efficiency and help speed the delivery of breakthrough therapies.

According to Oracle current technology has not kept pace with the acceleration of science and clinical research which drives up trial costs. Oracle Clinical One Data Collection collects data from any source—forms, wearable sensors, patient apps, electronic health records (EHR), labs—and harmonizes it in a single place.

This expanded data is aimed at giving sites and study teams a more complete picture of the patient’s experience, and ultimately, the safety and efficacy of the investigative therapy, allowing them to make better decisions. Offering a unified platform, Clinical One enables sites to randomize, dispense drug, and collect patient data in one system.

Because it is easily configurable, Oracle says, Clinical One Data Collection meets the needs of all trial types—from simple Phase I and Post-Market studies to the most complex Phase III studies, across all therapeutic areas. According to Oracle, Clinical One is already being used across the industry for many trials including those focused on COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

“The industry has been asking for technology that supports a new way to approach clinical trials that is simpler, easier, and lower cost, but also accommodates the evolving needs of decentralized trials. To meet this need, we, as an industry, must think and act differently,” said Steve Rosenberg, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences. “Our goal is to deliver on this promise by providing the industry with a unified platform that supports today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s requirements. Clinical One Data Collection supports event-based data collection and streamlines workflow, providing our customers with the agility and cost-savings they need to get therapies to market faster.”

For more information about Clinical One, go to www.oracle.com/clinical-one.

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