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OpenText Launches Fax2Mail for Healthcare

EIM provider OpenText is introducing OpenText Fax2Mail for Healthcare, a new cloud-based fax solution designed to help decrease inefficient paper-based document processes and simplify healthcare workflows.

The solution centralizes and standardizes all forms of document exchange, from paper-based to electronic, into a single cloud-based solution designed to integrate with clinical workflows and electronic medical records (EMRs).  By eliminating paper-based and manual patient information exchange, the company says, access to patient information can be expedited while simplifying and digitizing the document trail.

With the solution, the exchange of patient documentation with different healthcare providers in a community is offered in multiple methods, based on the technical and EMR solutions in place with each provider. Through a portal, powered by Kno2, all standard forms of document exchange, including cloud faxing, direct messaging, and electronic document queries are available. Additionally, OpenText says, the solution provides access to national healthcare provider directories, giving healthcare organizations the ability to search for a provider by location, name or organization, and identify if they have other means of connecting.

OpenText Fax2Mail for Healthcare is part of the OpenText EIM portfolio, which consists of integrated solutions, including Content Suite, Process Suite, Experience Suite, Analytics Suite, and Business Network. 

For more information about OpenText, visit opentext.com

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