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OpenText Enhances its Platform, Transforming Analytics, AI, and IoT

OpenText, a provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM), is releasing an updated version of OpenText Enhancement Pack 3 (EP3) delivering improved analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and more.

Recently acquired technology from Covisint and Guidance Software extends the OpenText EIM platform, empowering enterprises with new ways of collecting, managing, and securing critical information assets.

With the ability to deepen AI adoption through support for IoT, EP3 increases the capability of OpenText customers to embrace digital transformation.

Drawing on technology from the acquisition of Covisint, OpenText Business Network is now equipped with an IoT platform that offers a complete set of capabilities to create and manage trusted information sharing and interactions across complex ecosystems of people, systems, and devices.

EP3 also leverages Covisint's leading identity and access management platform to manage and secure user-based access to trading partners information and back-end systems - enabling collaboration across the supply chain that extends beyond transactions alone.

EP3 brings significant enhancements across Release 16 including:

  • Experience: EP3 helps business users rapidly deploy microsites, modify and publish personalized content, and with the new Media Management Digital Hub, automate and collaborate on the syndication of media. This release also extends the reach of the Experience Suite into the Microsoft Azure cloud and contact center integrations to Amazon Connect.
  • Business Network: In EP3, Business Network delivers more B2B self-service capabilities for improved user control and flexibility, with new features such as user-defined custom alerts for events or non-events, such as not receiving an expected order at a certain time of day—ensuring that customers catch issues before they impact business continuity. With enhanced integration with OpenText Process Suite, Business Network EP3 introduces auto-provisioning for trading partners that email invoices as PDF attachments.
  • Process: EP3 delivers significant advancements in low-code development enabling richer and more complex applications to be built more rapidly. Advancements focused on increasing UI capabilities, driving intelligent process automation with business rules improvements, additional security options at multiple stages of development, and new APIs for expanded integration capabilities. Additionally, EP3 delivers compliance with key government accessibility regulations.
  • Content: EP3 builds on OpenText ECM leadership, supporting the shift to content services and connecting content to the digital business. Main advances include: Enhanced GDPR readiness, deeper integrations with Office 365, simplified user experiences, expanded SAP Fiori support, easier archiving, mobile capture, and accelerated app development.
  • Discovery: EP3 adds EnCase—the industry gold standard for forensically sound collections and preservation—to the Discovery Suite, furthering the OpenText vision of seamless enterprise discovery for litigation, investigations, and compliance. EP3 also improves the usability and accessibility of search, review, and analysis in the Discovery Suite.

For more information about this update, visit www.opentext.com

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