• April 28, 2008
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Open source support

Business intelligence solution provider Truviso reports that it has completed an enhancement to the PostgreSQL open source database system that further extends its suitability for streaming data analysis.

Truviso will contribute this enhancement to the PostgreSQL community, reinforcing the company's foundational tenet of building upon and sharing mutually beneficial improvements to open source code with the PostgreSQL community.

Truviso's solution leverages PostgreSQL technology to provide high-performance, ultra-low-latency continuous data analysis. The new feature enhances PostgreSQL's performance for extremely long-running queries and transactions, an increasingly important capability for many applications. Implementing this new, sophisticated functionality required a dedicated effort from software engineers at Truviso and Command Prompt, a PostgreSQL consulting firm.

Truviso says its solutions combine continuous data analytics and real-time analysis with an enterprise-class, open-source database. With full support for industry-standard SQL, Truviso's product can simultaneously execute thousands of concurrent queries across high-volume data sources for zero-latency decision-making.

Command Prompt is said to be the oldest and largest dedicated PostgreSQL support provider in North America. Since 1997, the company has focused exclusively on developing, supporting, deploying and advocating for PostgreSQL.

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