Ontotext releases new version of GraphDB

Ontotext is releasing 9.2 version of GraphDB, introducing the anticipated support for RDF*/SPARQL* and improvements in the plug-ins for semantic similarity and versioning.

GraphDB 9.2 upgrades the modeling expressivity of the database with RDF*/SPARQL* - the most widely supported extension of those standards, which will be part of RDF 1.2.

In RDF* one can make statements about statements, formally called statement-level annotations.

For example, one can provide time span for an employment relationship like this: (Joe works-for BigBucks) from 1/1/2018 to 30/3/2020.

This mechanism goes beyond the expressivity of the Property Graphs, where one can attach key-value pairs to relationships. The statement-level annotations enable a more efficient representation of scores, weights, temporal restrictions and provenance information.

Ontotext invested time and effort to develop comprehensive and efficient support for RDF* and SPARQL* in GraphDB.

The company made extensions to GraphDB's indices to make sure SPARQL* queries are handled in a fast and predictable manner.

To guarantee backward and forward format compatibility, GraphDB introduces "embedded triple" (a reference to a triple) as a new RDF type.

In addition, the 9.2 release includes important plugin improvements. Now, the semantic similarity plugin, while refreshing the similarity indexes, remains online. This feature will support all production installations using graph or text embedding similarity indexes, so all indexes remain functional even during a rebuild.

Another substantial improvement is that now the data history and versioning plugin takes much less resource when comparing the current state with a previous period. GraphDB 9.2 features a new plugin to trace back all rules to generate a particular implicit statement.

The GraphDB team stays up-to-date with the latest known security warnings reported by all major vulnerabilities databases. GraphDB 9.2 database and all integrated third party software are free from any publicly known security vulnerabilities.

For more information about these updates, visit www.ontotext.com.

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