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  • August 11, 2015
  • News

Online contextual help from RightAnswers

RightAnswers has launched Knowledge Spotlight, which is designed to provide customers with the answers they need in the context of what they are doing in an application or website.

The company explains users simply click on the Knowledge Spotlight online help customizable avatar, and solutions from the central knowledgebase pop up, relevant to the screen on which they are working. The floating avatar is always visible and available.

RightAnswers says Knowledge Spotlight online contextual help improves the customer experience by providing immediate access to knowledge, resolving customer issues the moment they appear. It pulls solutions from the central knowledgebase, so agents are assured of providing accurate, consistent answers. It further reduces calls to the contact center or service desk, lowering the organization’s support costs.

RightAnswers adds that Knowledge Spotlight elicits feedback from users on the helpfulness of the solutions, leading to the continuous improvement of your knowledge. And, the company says, reporting available on Knowledge Spotlight indicates the areas where people are having difficulty, providing the opportunity to address those issues in support and product development. Also, Knowledge Spotlight online contextual help can be used by additional departments—for example, sales and marketing can use the tool to provide detailed product information in the context of the customer journey.

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