OneLogin Creates Platform to Monitor Access Privilege and Security

OneLogin, a provider of Unified Access Management solutions, is launching OneLogin Access, allowing companies of any size to manage access for on-premise and cloud-based applications with a single Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution.

“It really is disruptive, it is net new, and it is really where we see the market evolving and it’s all based on insight from our customers,” said Miles Kelly, chief marketing officer at OneLogin. “It is a breakthrough, it allows organizations to want to fully transform.”

The new platform is a modern Web Access Management solution, enabling customers to manage access for traditional on-premise applications such as Oracle and SAP by using a “single pane” management console that also manages access for cloud applications, with two unique benefits.

First, it features a modern architecture using elastic cloud-managed gateways and agents, with a Docker-based deployment model.

Second, OneLogin Access features modern identity integrations using standard protocols like SAML, such that legacy applications can easily be secured with a variety of authentication factors, strengthened with adaptive authentication, and monitored with out-of-the-box security information and event management (SIEM).

These benefits make OneLogin Access particularly appealing to DevOps Managers, IT Managers, architects, and identity managers looking to replace their aging web access management solutions, according to Kelly.

With OneLogin Access, companies now can modify access privileges across all applications in real time vs. days or weeks, and slash access management costs.

This platform unifies access management not only for applications, but also for networks and devices, using SaaS infrastructure to synchronize all corporate users and user directories.

OneLogin features one integrated interface, one audit trail, and one support experience to optimize the customer experience.

The company’s solution integrates with Active Directory in real time versus batch-uploading and leverages adaptive authentication technologies to benchmark typical user behavior and detect anomalies, mitigate risk, and improve security without sacrificing usability.

Moving forward, the company will focus on continuing its customer first approach to enhance the platform along with delivering the product and all of its value.

“Being a successful, innovative company based in San Francisco in the midst of Silicon Valley, we’re hard at work at innovation in general,” Kelly said. “This world of access management and security is just a fascinatingly sophisticated, complicated but really beautiful part of the technology world and so our engineering teams, developers, and sales people are all hard at work at solving the next big set of problems.”

For more information about this release, visit www.onelogin.com.

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