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  • September 8, 2021
  • News

ON24 reveals new features to its on-demand content

ON24 is unveiling new capabilities for audiences to watch ON24 Webcast Elite live webinars directly in ON24 Engagement Hub, a central content destination to generate demand with prospects, engage customers, and drive partner enablement.

ON24 Webcast Elite delivers live, simulive, and on-demand interactive webinars that drive customer engagement and provide rich first-person data to convert prospects into buyers.

With live webinar viewing now available in ON24 Engagement Hub, companies can bring together all their live and on-demand experiences in one engaging, dynamic content hub that captures audience interest, buying readiness, and content performance across all digital engagement activities, according to the vendor.

ON24 Engagement Hub allows companies to connect audiences to their best live webinars, videos, and on-demand content in a central hub and drive further engagement.

Users can move seamlessly from live ON24 Webcast Elite webinars to different content experiences. Companies can capture the same first-person engagement data when customers and prospects view a live webinar in ON24 Engagement Hub, as well as measure program and content performance. And ON24’s AI-based recommendation engine delivers additional content and personalized experiences based on an individual’s needs and interests.

In addition to live webinar viewing, customers can drive engagement, content consumption, and conversion with the following new features in ON24 Engagement Hub:

  • An enhanced user experience – Favoriting and bookmarking allow users to save content that interests them, while content progress bars show what videos were started and where to resume from last watch. Audiences can easily navigate between content categories, see which webinars are live now, and quickly register for upcoming events with one click.
  • Dynamic content powered by AI – Once a piece of content is viewed, the ON24 AI engine delivers a different personalized recommendation when a user returns to the hub. Marketing teams can automate or manually curate content to showcase in the hero section of the hub, call out current live experiences, and use a countdown clock to promote upcoming webinars.
  • Predefined content categories – Improve scalability and searchability with out-of-the box categories that are preconfigured and ready to use. Define the timeframe for “Upcoming Events” and the hub automatically adds and removes the right webinars. Attendees can also find all their favorite content in their “My List” category.

“We’re delivering on our vision to build the industry’s most powerful marketing and sales platform to generate demand, enable partners, and convert prospects,” said Sharat Sharan, founder and CEO of ON24. “Customers can now easily move audiences between their live webinars and content hubs to drive deeper engagement and accelerate the buyer journey.”

ON24 Webcast Elite and ON24 Engagement Hub are part of the ON24 Digital Experience Platform, which also includes ON24 Virtual Conference, ON24 Breakouts, ON24 Target,  ON24 Intelligence, and ON24 Connect.

Companies can deliver digital experiences that create deep engagement, first-person data, and AI-driven personalization, as well as seamlessly integrate audience insights with marketing automation, CRM, and collaboration systems.

For more information about this news, visit www.on24.com.

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