• October 21, 2009
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Nstein and Endeca partner

Nstein has joined the Endeca Extend partner program to help customers quickly and easily integrate its text mining capabilities directly into the Endeca Information Access Platform (IAP). Leveraging the extensibility of Endeca’s McKinley Platform, and specifically the Content Acquisition System (CAS), Nstein can build integrations to a public application programming interface (API) supported by Endeca. In addition to a lower cost of ownership, through the Endeca Extend program, Nstein now offers customers quick and easy integration of Endeca records for the unrestricted exploration of unstructured content.

The companies claim that by providing an integrated search and navigation experience that combines Nstein's text mining with Endeca, joint customers can offer their audiences a richer search experience, automate workflows and personalization, greatly enhance discovery and help to improve search engine optimization (SEO). By enriching content within search, Nstein is said to fulfill its promise of connecting people with relevant content.

Nstein Technologies' patented linguistic Text Mining semantically analyzes and automatically tags client content—images, videos, user-generated content, articles, product data sheets, enterprise knowledge—with metadata, meaning and relationships.

The companies further state that through the Endeca Extend program, Endeca and Nstein Technologies allow customers to use extracted metadata to provide new facets for Guided Navigation, cluster related topics, offer landing pages and improve search relevancy. Endeca customers can easily run their data through an Endeca Extend partner solution, extract additional metadata elements from the text and append that metadata to the original content. This lowers integration costs and adds significant structure to the content to enhance the overall user experience. The pre-built integrations allow joint customers the ability to implement best-of-breed technologies without sacrificing ease of integration.

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