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Northern Light introduces free tool for social media analytics

Northern Light is releasing a free beta version of Northern Light Social Analytics, an AI-enabled tool that can automatically identify thousands of closely correlated Twitter keywords, hashtags, and authors to guide social media marketing.

“Northern Light Social Analytics understands the meaning and context of social posts.  That's what makes it invaluable for advertising planning and strategy, as well as market research and competitive intelligence," said C. David Seuss, Northern Light's CEO.  "The role of social media as both a marketing and research vehicle continues to mushroom across all sectors of business and industry.  No company can afford to have anything less than a deep and nuanced understanding of the messages pouring forth."

Northern Light Social Analytics is optimized for social media marketing decisions and market research rather than social media monitoring.

Any hashtag can be instantly analyzed to determine its semantic association with other hashtags, its association with keywords, and authors who have used it and their location, either by the number of posts or the number of viewer impressions those posts generated, giving the user valuable insights into social media messaging and targeting.

Northern Light Social Analytics employs machine learning to create a ranked list of meaningful hashtags related to a specified primary term. 

The free public beta version of Northern Light Social Analytics covers several industries, including IT, telecom, financial services, hospitality, consumer products, healthcare, life sciences, food & nutrition, equipment, and mining. 

For more information about this news, visit www.northernlight.com.

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