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North Carolina improves access to state data

The state of North Carolina is implementing a document management and output management solution developed by Systemware.

The deal will bring improved information access to more than 70,000 state suppliers and employees in the departments of health and human services, transportation, corrections, and the office of state comptroller and the employment security commission.

The state will use Systemware's X/PTR, X/TND and X/NET products for report management and distribution.

Jerry Kingrey, director of computing services for Information Technology Services, which coordinated the deal, said the functionality and ease of use were key reasons for bringing in the system after extensive testing.

The state is currently bringing in X/PTR, a mainframe OS/390 based application that enables document indexing, viewing and printing.

"X/PTR requires no manual intervention and automatically converts a document when it is requested by a user. It's very quick and easy," said Kingrey.

Of the components to follow, X/NET provides Internet access to legacy reports and print streams, and X/TND enables multi-window viewing of documents and also provides a graphical-user interface with workflow formatting.


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