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  • September 18, 2019
  • News

Nintex releases workflow automation solution

Nintex, a provider of process management and automation solutions, is releasing the Nintex Workflow Generator, enabling business users to instantly create sophisticated workflows using the cloud-based visual process mapping capability, Nintex Promapp.

Nintex Workflow Generator requires no coding and is a powerful new onramp to the automation capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform.

This new feature is currently available to customers and partners with subscriptions to Nintex Promapp and Nintex Workflow Cloud.

In Nintex Promapp, a process expert maps a process, then clicks “Request Automation” to generate a workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex Workflow Generator uses natural language processing (NLP) to bridge the gap between process knowledge and automation expertise. The process expert simply uses Nintex Promapp to document a process, then clicks "Request Automation" to create a draft workflow and alert the IT department.

The workflow generator also simplifies communication between business users and IT, so workflows can be fine-tuned and continuously improved. The NLP engine uses feedback loops to steadily improve the accuracy with which it aligns process descriptions to standard workflow actions.

For more information about this release, visit www.nintex.com.

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