NewsCred Eases Content Creation Process with Idea Lab

NewsCred, a content marketing platform provider, is introducing Idea Lab, a solution that knocks down the silos between ideation and execution by enhancing the content creation process with search and social trend data.

Idea Lab makes it easy for marketing teams to identify the topics that will resonate with their audience, rank high in search engine results, and drive organic traffic. 

Marketers can conduct automated keyword research, analyze competitive rank tracking, and review share of voice results to determine which keywords to target, while ensuring their content addresses related concepts that are searched for by their audience.

The company is seeing the convergence of content marketing and search marketing, and it wanted to be the first to bring those two capabilities together inside of a single platform, said Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder and CEO, NewsCred.

Idea Lab goes beyond basic search volume data giving marketers a holistic view of the SEO opportunity, how their brand compares versus competitors, and a deeper understanding of audience needs. As a result, marketers develop compelling content that increases targeted site traffic.

 Key insights surfaced by Idea Lab to help drive organic traffic include:

  • Keyword Research & Recommendations: Determine what keywords to target to improve search rankings. Expand and refine topics with keyword recommendations to ensure content addresses the related concepts that are searched for by your audience.
  • Common Questions: Develop content with your brand’s unique perspective that answers questions your audience is asking and positions your brand as a trusted resource.
  • Share of Voice:Identify your complete set of competitors for ranking on key topics, review their content, and win the battle for organic traffic.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking:Understand who else is ranking for valuable keywords. Identify the gaps in content that are impacting SERP position and determine the strategic and tactical plan to leap over the competition.
  • Social Trend Data:Get inspiration for content from the articles, formats, and channels popular with your audience on social media.

TheNewsCred Content Marketing Platformenhances the scale, visibility, and performance of content produced across enterprise marketing organizations by streamlining the creation process from ideation to publishing, improving collaboration between functional teams as well as global markets, and surfacing data-driven insights that connect business results to content.

For more information about this news, visit www.newscred.com.

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