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  • November 24, 2014
  • News

New capabilities for Attensity Q

Attensity has launched new capabilities for Attensity Q that enable automatic profiling and detection of the “unknowns” and emerging themes in real-time data. The company adds the solution proactively constructs context, customizes topic and vocabulary creation and filters out spam to provide insight into trends and themes that can be turned into competitive advantage.

To avoid the problems associated with gaining actionable insights from massive “data noise,” Attensity Q automatically surfaces emerging themes, trends, anomalies and events around a main topic by allowing organizations to see the context within online conversations and what lies beyond the limits of one-dimensional metrics. The new release is also said to make it easier to incorporate dynamic historical analysis as well as build the most accurate vocabularies and brand-unique terms into queries.

Attensity Q includes sentiment analysis, trend analysis, influencer analysis, geospatial analysis, Topic-Based Analysis and Discovery, and helps companies identify and anticipate challenges before they become issues, Attensity reports.

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