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New KMWorld webcast covers how to initiate a corporate knowledge culture

A renewed enthusiasm about knowledge management is evident, particularly in the digital workplace. The value in corporate knowledge is being amplified by new technologies, such as text analytics, cognitive search, machine learning, natural language processing, mobile email management, speech recognition, and computer vision.

KMWorld recently held a webinar featuring Arlo Faria, founder, Mod9 Technologies, and Stin Mattu, product marketing manager, Upland Software, who discussed game-changing breakthroughs to bring knowledge sharing to the next level in your organization to boost business performance.

Knowledge management is the process of capturing, structuring, resuing, and improving the knowledge within an organization, underpinned by technology, Mattu said. It enables organizations to achieve their objectives by making the best use of collective knowledge and delivering the most relevant information with ease to internal users and customers in the moment of need.

Using Upland Right Answers, organizations can create a knowledge-sharing culture that delivers a better customer experience. The platform offers federated search, AI and machine learning, Upland Analytics, improved customer experience, KCS, improved agent experience, Knowledge-Paks, knowledge services, communities, and chatbots.

Upland’s Panviva platform can supercharge agent productivity with contextual guidance designed for compliance, according to Mattu. It can deliver the knowledge employees and customers need, in the channel they want from a single source of truth.

Faria introduced Mod9s platform, Remeeting. The solution provides a searchable archive for Zoom recordings. It can also be customized to add new words to search through as well as searching for specific content in a video. The platform allows users to add on Google Cloud Speech-to-Text transcriptions of Zoom recordings.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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