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NetDocuments enables case insights with highlights powered by LexisNexis

NetDocuments, provider of a cloud content management platform for legal professionals, has introduced Highlights powered by LexisNexis (NetDocuments Highlights). The new offering embeds LexisNexis case analysis and intelligence technology directly into the NetDocuments platform,  enabling legal professionals with a Lexis or Lexis+ subscription to enrich their documents—briefs, memos, motions and more?with citations, automatic classifications, and entities while viewing any content in NetDocuments. Highlights will be available to U.S. law firms with up to 100 users as an add-on to the NetDocuments LEARN Solution.

With NetDocuments Highlights, documents uploaded to the NetDocuments cloud are scanned for information about caselaw, judges, lawyers, anddocument type. The extracted intelligence is indexed into the firm’s repository, making it easy to search for specific information. This enables documents to remain in the NetDocuments platform throughout processing.

While previewing in NetDocuments, lawyers can navigate throughout the content with the extracted insights, seeing Shepard’s Signal indicators delivered in real time. When more information is desired, the lawyer can simply follow the link to view the case directly in Lexis or Lexis+.

“We continue to focus on delivering unmatched experiences for legal professionals, and NetDocuments’ Highlights solution is a prime example of that,” stated Dan Hauck, NetDocuments’ chief product officer. “Bringing the benefits of LexisNexis directly into NetDocuments will help users vastly streamline their understanding of briefs, create better documents, save time on research, and ultimately augment their intelligence and value to clients in every case.”

For more information, go to www.netdocuments.com/products/highlights.

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