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  • June 23, 2022
  • News

NICE Robotic Process Automation 7.7 provides a more frictionless user experience

NICE is launching version 7.7 of the NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, extending the capabilities of NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) for a more frictionless user experience.

Three key innovative capabilities in the latest release include embedded on-screen web callouts for more seamless real-time agent guidance, an AI-powered business insights dashboard for accelerated and efficient decision making, and a next-generation connectivity watchdog that identifies disruptions, analyzes their business impact, and recommends the best option for repair.

Together, these new capabilities improve employee experience while helping organizations maximize the value of their automation projects, delivering a better customer journey, according to the vendor.

NEVA Assist, the desktop interface that provides employees with real-time next-best-action guidance, has been enhanced with NEVA In-App.

This new user interface is embedded in a prominent on-screen location in call center applications used by employees every day, ensuring a consistent end-to-end experience. Easily tailored to suit web applications such as CRM systems, knowledge portals, and the like, NEVA In-App removes friction in employee activities while maintaining all of NEVA’s intelligent capabilities.

For the business analyst, RPA 7.7 offers an AI-powered dashboard summarizing all business-relevant metrics and insights in one place.

This enables organizations to identify potential processes ripe for automation and employee coaching opportunities, accelerate their decision-making process, and provide more accurate, comprehensive, and informed analytical overviews.

The new dashboards also provide an unbiased, actionable summary of ROI calculations based on objective factors and analysis of potential workflow optimizations.

In the service of efforts to provide resilient process automations, the new NICE RPA release includes the next-generation Connectivity Watcher. This AI-powered engine not only provides automatic alerts regarding connectivity breaks but also presents the business impact of the disruption during run-time for each attended and unattended process automation.

Connectivity Watcher then provides recommendations for restoring connectivity, including modifying the project if necessary to achieve the most effective result. Supporting all types of web and legacy applications, Connectivity Watcher helps organizations achieve consistent, frictionless automation.

“As organizations continue to feel the pressure to ramp up their service delivery to address more complex, unpredictable and emotionally driven customer demands, the release of RPA 7.7 could not have come at a more opportune time,” said Barry Cooper, president of NICE Enterprise Group. “Smart AI, which underpins our most powerful NEVA features, needs to be leveraged to successfully handle customer scenarios in real time by empowering service agents to become more in tune with each customer's unique needs. It is also the key to the continuous improvement and growth of process automations with NICE RPA, which in turn supports business continuity and enhances both employee and customer experiences.”

For more information about this news, visit www.nice.com.

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