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  • January 29, 2014
  • News

MicroStrategy releases 'PRIME'

MicroStrategy has released the Relational In-Memory Engine (PRIME) option for MicroStrategy Cloud. The company describes PRIME as a massively scalable, cloud-based, in-memory analytics service designed to deliver extremely high performance for complex analytical applications that have the largest data sets and highest user concurrency.

PRIME blends a sophisticated visualization and dashboarding engine with an innovative massively parallel in-memory data store. This architecture allows companies to build highly interactive applications that deliver responses to hundreds of thousands of users in a fraction of the time and cost of other approaches. MicroStrategy explains PRIME acts as a performance accelerator, opening up the data in databases to a much larger user population, driving new demand for information.

MicroStrategy PRIME highlights include:

Massively parallel, distributed, in-memory architecture for extreme scale. PRIME is built on an in-memory, highly distributed, massively parallel architecture, designed to run on cost effective commodity hardware. Complex analytics problems can be partitioned across hundreds of CPU cores and nodes to achieve unprecedented performance. MicroStrategy has worked closely with leading hardware vendors to take full advantage of today’s multi-core, high-memory servers.

Tightly integrated dashboard engine for easy-to-use applications. PRIME includes a robust dashboard and data exploration engine, built on the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform. The visualization engine includes hundreds of optimizations designed specifically for the in-memory data store and permits customers to build complete, immersive applications that deliver high-speed response.

Cloud-based delivery for rapid deployment. MicroStrategy PRIME is available as a service on MicroStrategy Cloud, the company’s cloud analytics platform. MicroStrategy Cloud offers a complete service, including the infrastructure, people and processes to enable customers to quickly and easily develop and deploy high-scale, information-driven applications.

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